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Viswanathan here

Friday, 9 January, 2009 1:08 AM

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Viswanathan (a z h a g i)" noblehearted@gmail.com

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To: weyes57@yahoo.co.in

Dear Sir,




I  felt extremely happy to see your site and the way you have used 'Azhagi' to prepare such an excellent ppt on X-ray. Thanks for putting 'Azhagi' to such good use.


Convey my warm enquiries to all your 'lucky' students. They are indeed 'lucky' becos how many teachers can be like you showing avid interest to download information/animations from the net and share it with students to bolster their knowledge. Hats off, Sir.


Thanks and Regards
Viswanathan, Author of Azhagi

(91-44-42024669, 0-98403-39750)



Azhagi (http://free.azhagi.com) - World's "easiest" Tamil transliterator


Web Physics- Website

Friday, 9 January, 2009 9:39 AM

From: "Ramachandran,Sreepriya" sreepriya.ramachandran@bankofamerica.com

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Hi Baba, 

How are you. I visited the http://weyes57.webs.com/ site. It is very much informative and interesting. Hats off to the innovative effort.. I'm a bit jealous on your students, for getting such a good staff. Looking for more updates on this site. Convey my regards to everyone.

Regards,Sreepriya R.

Contractor - Infosys Technologies Ltd.

AAR Bank of America Ext:54306


Fwd: visit my site

Friday, 9 January, 2009 1:06 PM

From: George Kennedy" george.kennedy@aifoundation.org Add sender to Contacts

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Cc: "Subramanian " <weyes57@yahoo.co.in>

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Dear Friends,

The mail I have forwarded you is from one of our teachers (Thiruvallur District). I am very much impressed by his efforts. I am you will like his website.

Be in touch with him. Write to him your suggestions. I am sure he will be happy to share his ideas with you. LET US GROW TOGETHER!

Mr. Subramanian: First of all Congratulations. Thanks for your efforts. Continue your good work. The student community will benefit a lot from educationists like you. AIF will be with  you as much as possible.

George Kennedy
State Team Leader - Tamil Nadu
Digital Equalizer Programme - AIF

C/o The Directorate of School Education, DPI Campus, College Road, Nungambakkam,

Chennai - 600 006

Ph: 9094038301

Re: Viswanathan here

 Sunday, 11 January, 2009 1:13 PM

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Viswanathan (a z h a g i)" noblehearted@gmail.com

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To: weyes57@yahoo.co.in

Dear Sir,




1. I have written to Editor of www.mazhalaigal.com (Mr.A.K.Rajagopalan) about your request to help you in your efforts in propagating and popularising" Tamil Physics ". He is happy about your site and efforts. I suggest you to write to him yourself, please, at akrconsultants@gmail.com. He may very well post your Tamil articles on Physics in mazhalaigal site.


2. I have written to a few other friends too about your site - with your powerpoint presentation which i downloaded the very first time i visited your site itself.


3. I have glanced thru aif site to understood their noble initiatives. I may take time to write to them one day. Is your school a beneficiary of AIF?


Thanks and Regards
Viswanathan, Azhagi (
http://free.azhagi.com) - World's "easiest" Tamil transliterator


Re: Writing Tamil Science Related articles

Tuesday, 13 January, 2009 3:20 PM

From:This sender is DomainKeys verified "AKR" akrconsultants@gmail.com

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To: "subramanian sharma" <weyes57@yahoo.co.in>

Dear Sir,


Your efforts are very much appreciable. We welcome your science related articles for mazhalaigal.com/ and educational contents for mazalais.com/ being maintained to be developed into a full fledged educational website.


Sri. Viswananathan of Azhagi is the person who found the necessity for such a website and helped me to start and maintain the same. His Azhagi is being utilized to teach Tamil as a language as well as Tamil transliteration through mazhalaigal.com/


Your website is nice and the only limitation is that it is in an ad supported subdomain where adverisements are displayed at the top of the page. Being a mechanical engineer myself I can extend suitable assistance in developing science lessons.


Hope to be able to interact with you and do constructive work for the benefit of the society.


with best regards