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Dear visitors,

The main aim of this web site is to convert  any available  teaching material,especially in Physics in to TAMIL, my mother tongue.

Then I wish to take you to some web sites which are very rich in teaching resources.

 Next I wish to donate my contributions(Tamil) for the teaching fraternity.

I wish to compose every page this site to be informative and must make the teacher to visit  various sites and to collect their teaching material.

So I don't want to publish either question answers  or material (as requested by some of the visitors) connected with examination.

I personally feel , this will make the site look more like a commercial guide or a tuition notes. But any way thank you very much for your suggestion.

 This time let me introduce two more web sites for you to visit.

one such site is Learnerstv and the other is utoronto.

 http://www.learnerstv.com/animation/animationcategory.php?cat=physics&  page=2


 I am interested in sharing some of the encouraging comments received

so far from the visitors.Please post your comments.





 How a Ruby Laser Works.flv