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About me 

 I am  V.Subramanian.

I am a physics teacher, teaching physics for about 30 years.

I am a school teacher taking classes for XII ( +2 ) standard students

of Government Higher Secondary School,Manali in Chennai.

My interest lies in teaching physics with modern methods,like computer based teaching.

I have experimentally tried this in my school and I feel it makes students attracted towards the class.

Preparing lectures and animation,taking video of experiments performed and copying them in a  CD or pen drive and projecting them may require more time.But makes your class interesting and enjoyable.

Availability of Resource materials

Internet is a boon to teachers.Plenty of animations and explanations are available.

All these are prepared by eminent and scholarly people,and they make them available to teachers all over the globe.

As a matter of fact all these are in English.

But we may require them in our local language. There are web sites offering English to Tamil (phonetic typing) free.

You can down load free software from http://www.azhagi.com/

You can type your message in English and get your message automatically converted to Tamil.


above link is a very useful link for any science teacher. This site provides you many animations and Java based simulations. All these are free and down loadable.Try them in your class and make your class interesting to your students.

Walter Fendt's web site is another gold mine. Here also you can down load Java based simulations.


This time I am stopping with this information. Please feel free to write to me.

My e-mail address is weyes57@yahoo.co.in

Also I request you to offer your suggestions to improve the contents and other aspects of this site. 

 I must thank American India Foundation for its Digital Equalizer.

This gives an exposure about E - Teaching to teachers.http://www.aif.org/

Small projects prepared by me in Tamil on X -Rays, Atomic Physics and Nuclear Physics  is now available in this web site.

Projects mentioned above Contains Power Point Presentations in Tamil with few animations.

I look for the constant encouragement from AIF and physics teachers in this regard.

Power Point Presentations

An introduction to Electromagnetic wave

AC Generator


Atomic Physics

X Ray

Atom models


 Animations created by Dr.Michael R. Gallis of PSU are real treasure for physics teachers all over the globe. By clicking the link given below you can view all  the animations created by him. This animations can be played in Real player or in Quick time Player .


I was awarded "Best teacher award "by the Lions club in the year 2010 and By the District education authorities in 2011 and again by Lions club International in the year 2011..